"You have never experienced what it means to be truly happy until you have found yourself in the company of a playful puppy."



What breeds do you have in your program?


  • Standard Poodles (45 lbs - 65lbs)

  • Miniature Poodles (8lbs - 15lbs)


What is the price for your dogs?


  • Standard Poodles $1800 Pet Price

  • Miniature Poodles  $1300 Pet Price


**Breeding Price depends on the breed of our dogs and is only given to specific breeders.**


What is the deposit? What is it for?


  • The Deposit is a reservation placement that adds into the total price of the puppy. This is non-refundable due to the commitment you placed with wanting a puppy from a litter. You can switch your deposit to another litter if a life event were to happen. We are more than understanding with emergencies that suddenly take place. We ask you to message us if anything were to happen to better help. 


  • Once your application is accepted and you wish to be on our waiting list, it’ll be a $50 non-refundable reservation fee to be on our waiting list. This reservation fee is non-refundable and will go towards the full amount of the puppy you choose to bring home. Once a litter is born, $200 is needed to be on the list of the specific litter you wish to be on. All $250 goes towards the puppy you then choose to go forth on and you’ll be placed on our deposit list. 


What puppy program are puppies raised by?


  • Our puppies are born in the dining area where they will be kept with mom for the first few weeks by themselves. To help our puppies not stress we leave them be to their own mother and littermates (besides us cleaning the area). On day 3 we begin doing ENS, ESI and other parts of the advanced curriculum. We give small massages and slowly stimulate them at 3 weeks. This way their bodies learn our human touch. Our goal is to desensitize them to common sounds from home and the outside world so their nerve strength is good and ready to explore the world when the time comes. Our kids are very hands on with touching them and getting them used to small fingers playing with their hands and hair. 


What is your puppy picking process?


  • We ask each family to place a puppy application through Gooddog to keep track of who is interested in one of our pups to better assist them.  


  • We will send an email out to all our families that are on the waiting list they have applied for.


  • Once puppies are moving around their whelping box, we will conduct Zoom or Facebook Live feeds for our families so they can learn about our puppies and how we are socializing, and how they're development is thriving.  


  • At 7 weeks we will do Temperament testing to see which puppies are therapy, service, and which puppy is high touch tolerance and anything else a family may be searching for in a puppy. All videos of puppy’s temperament will be uploaded for our family’s to see, along with a sheet to assist in choosing the right puppy for their family. 


  • At 8.5 - 9 weeks we will be allowing our family’s on the list to choose their puppy of choice by deposit order. We will allow families to do Zoom, Facebook, in person meeting in the hour they choose on puppy selection day! 


  • Puppies then will go home at 9.5 weeks to their new families!


Do you ship puppies?


  • Yes, our puppies are able to fly through the airlines!. The cost of a flight nanny or us to deliver a puppy to your nearest airport all depends on flights rates. If wishing for a flight nanny, we would be able to provide one for you but the cost of flight nanny will be added on top of the price of the puppy. 


Do our puppies have a guarantee?


  • Yes! We give a 2 year health guarantee on our puppies. The guarantee only covers the genetic health issues that we have tested for to give our litters a high chance of success for their families. 


What is Lifetime Breeder Support?


  • We love our puppies and don’t like not knowing about them so we offer lifetime breeder support when you purchase a puppy from us! We love knowing about our furry-grandchild! We will be there to help as much as we can, whether it be puppy gas or if your pup gets sick. Think of an extended family only wanting to help make sure your canine is safe and healthy for you. 


Are Dew claws removed and tails docked?


  • We do dock all our litter’s dewclaws. We have run into many incidents where our dogs who have had dewclaws; get them caught while playing outside and inside with our kids. To minimize any discomforts or accidents, they are docked after a few days of birth by our dog’s veterinarian. 


  • Tail docking is done by our vet when we dewclaws. Tail docking is to be show quality length. 


Is there a Spay or Neuter contract?


  • Yes, there is a spay/neuter agreement when purchasing a puppy from us. We do suggest spaying and neutering puppies after a 1 year growth period. This helps our puppy’s bone grow fully and get all the necessary hormones to grow healthy and strong for you!


Do your puppies go to the Vet?


  • Yes! Our puppies go to our local vet in Tooele, Utah. They are seen at Countryside Vet Clinic or Tooele Vet where they get dewormed and start their vaccinations. 


What type of payment transactions do you accept?


  • We accept Zelle for deposit or we use Wave. We are currently not accepting checks at this moment. Once a payment is accepted, we send out a receipt of deposit and full transaction completion once the puppy is paid in full.


What if I can’t take care of a puppy or dog anymore?


  • We are more than happy to take back our puppy or dog! We don't want any of our dogs to be placed in shelters or research facilities. Please contact us and we will find a way to bring back our dog and help rehome him/her. 

At Adams Family Poodles, we raise exceptional companions in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program (BAB an advanced curriculum and mix of Puppy Culture), our focus is to keep our canine companions and puppies healthy and happy for when they find their new homes. 

Due to inflation we unfortunately have to raise our prices on our puppies. The price reflects the cost of puppy food, quality dog food we give to our fur parents, vitamins, puppy supplies and much more to be able to provide quality family member. We understand if the price doesn't sit well with some but we must do what's best for our family pets and future puppies. 

If you have any questions please let us know by sending us an email or giving us a call!

Have a blessed day! - Alyssa Adams


Puppy FAQs