Hello! I'm Reina the original foundation dog that started this whole breeding idea! I am the first poodle my mom has ever owned actually. My mom loved how quick I was to learn new tricks and skills since she got me at 14 weeks! I come from little town of Nephi, Utah. My mom fell in love with my coat quality because she got tired of a shedding coat and loves learning how to groom me with different colors. It's therapy/bonding session between me and my mom. I was learning to be migraine detection dog for my mom as she suffers from chronic migraines. 




Neptune Del Mar

Hi, I'm Neptune! I'm one of the original foundation dogs of Adams Family Poodles! I have fathered a few litters and am proud to say a few of my puppies have gone into service work. I help my mom and aunt by doing deep pressure naturally to help relief panic attacks my humans go through. I come from a line of service/therapy lines. I hope to help more people down the road as I work towards my therapy work. I currently love playing fetch with my family, going on mountain trails with mom when she's biking or hiking. I loove water! I hope to visit more lakes to explore with my humans! I'm an avid cuddler, and hope to continue to surprise my mom with new random cuddle times as I sneak into her room for much needed one on one time. My favorite snack is pasta...shh don't tell mom I had some!

OFA Results



Hi, I'm Moana! I'm the new miniature Poodle mom of Adams Family Poodles! I love to cuddle with my favorite human, Aelia and my mom whenever I get the chance. I come from the beautiful state of Idaho, with my sister Chofis! I am quick learner and am currently learning how to play fetch with my older big dog siblings at the moment. I'm not much of water dog, as you know cause I'm a diva but I do love hard game of nap time! I try to help my big humans with relieving stress by doing goofy antics to distract them but also love giving lots of kisses! 



What's up! I'm Apollo! I'm the new standard poodle sire at Adams Family Poodles! My mom flew from Salt Lake City airport over to Phoenix, AZ! I am excited to keep being in desert climate but when I came here, I experienced snow and let me tell you how much I love snow and water! I love diving into bathtubs full of water so I can't wait to go to the lake this summer. I'm pretty chill and laid back. Not the best fetcher in the gang but I do love interacting with people and giving them much needed assurance when I can. Can't wait to do my OFAs this summer!