Our Story

What Motivates Us

We are a family of five who love our canine companions as they have helped us in more than what a normal person would talk about their pet. Here in our homes, our companions have helped with my depression and anxiety after having both my boys through c-sections and then getting severe post-partum depression that refused to go away. Our oldest son refused to talk till a later date till we got him his first dog. Now he won't stop talking and snuggling with his four legged Labrador retriever. Our youngest best friend is his parti-standard poodle whose loved him the moment he got off the airplane.


To us, raising healthy puppies through puppy culture has been beautiful past time and wish to share our family with yours. We strive to give people a good companion for family or service to an individual. Unfortunately we do not assure you that all puppies from our litters will make it through service dog training. We only prep them for obedience training. Man's best friend is much more than the usual as we consider them family. We hope to share our four legged family members to you and extend the Adams name.

Our breeding mission isn't for money but actually is memorial for my father. He passed away in 2018 while I was pregnant of my second child from a stroke. In my heart I do believe if he was offered a service dog; he may have been still around a little longer with us than suddenly passing on. I breed for health, temperament and intelligence on these two beautiful breeds to help another in need. I only hope to give someone a better chance at life to enjoy their families. My husband and I worked on an ambulance and we know every second counts, so why not provide people an amazing chance and help those in need. 

At Adams' Family Poodles we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Adams' Family Poodles experience. For more information, get in touch!